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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  March 22, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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. wind speeds do gradually pick up. that's all reflected beginning in this forecast at 7:00. temperatures in the 50s, by noon a mix. and by 4:00 into the mid-60s. san jose tops out at 60s. here is a look ahead, partly cloudy skies for friday and we will be talking more about
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weekend rain chances and sal has an update on traffic, good morning sal. we are starting with a crash on highway 4 westbound, we have two pictures blocked with our camera. you can see the two right lanes are blocked and if they get this out of the way it will be like nothing has happened because it is so early but be careful as you come across the willow pass grade. take a look at highway 24 westbound, that traffic looks good getting up to the tunnel. not a bad drive on the east shore freeway heading out to the mcarthur maze, let's go back to pam. a free health clinic will open its doors. lorraine blanco is here where people started lining up
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overnight. good morning. the line started here last night, they were lining up hundreds along these barriers, you can see tents and sleeping bags, it was a long weight but a necessary wait for free healthcare. it stands for remet annual medical and this is the second time at the coliseum. more
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. it was the area of 48th and international boulevard. the male victim was shot in the head. we do know he was awake and responsive when he was taken to
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the hospital. police are not sure if the victim was the intended target but they did not find any signs of a robbery. happening now a two day standoff between the gunman, here is a live picture, police have been blocking off that neighborhood, a will be more than a half hour ago, they stormed into the apartment of french suspect muhammed marrow. now, news crews videotaped sounds of gunshots. officers exchange gunfire with the suspect who was hiding in the bathroom, he then died after jumping from his window. and take a look at that, he was accused of killing seven people including three jewish school
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children. and martin is the unarmed teen who was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch captain, coming up, the action taken by the police chief and how the police chief is launching an investigation. the mother of a missing teen is asking people to search for potential clues in the disappearance. they prayed for sierra lemar's safe return. she has not been seen since friday since she left for school. >> as each day comes it is longer and longer and it is more real, i just want her back. >> now this is video of sierra dancing when she was just nine years old. no significant evidence has turned up from her cell phone
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or laptop but the search continues, another vigil is planned for tomorrow night. and the death of a san francisco man who went missing on a bike tour. his body was recovered from the campsite where he was staying. he was an avid cyclist and personal training but a friend said he appeared to be off balance, falling three times just during a warmup ride. nearly 450 businesses will spend most of the day in the started today. it includes 70 homes near the vallejo high school and a third area will have a half hour pour loss. pg&e is upgrading equipment so that electricity will have to be turned off.
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they spent the night cleaning up, wash workers have to wear protective suits to protect from underground gases. the league is about 1,000 feet from the top of the mountain hole and it carries a lot of waste to a treatment plant. we want to go back to sal to check in on any road working, done we? we have this that and -- we have this crash and there is a lot of spill which is observe sent. you can see them on highway four, it is kind of hard to tell what they are doing since
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it is so dark. that from of i can is still looking good if you are affected too much it should not stay out there any time to have lanes blocked is a bad time so we will let you know. no problems getting on to the span and this morning's commute, let's do everything well. we have a portion of clear skies across a portion of the bay area. you could be dealing with a drillel as a weak system moves into the area. it will be a short-term, the cans a of a shower and we will bring drizzle activity and skis
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becoming partly cloudy cloudy. these 60s going all the way to the oz livermore topped out at 73. everybody comes to the lower 60s this afternoon, some cooling at 63 this afternoon santa rosa lower 50s hair ward 53 degrees. not a lot of action on the radar, once again we will hold on to some dry partly cloudy went speeds pick up from 15 to 25 miles per hour. so tomorrow you will notice partly cloudy skies rain chances going into the weekend and as you will net tis remainder of the week den. temperatures in the upper 50s
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to lower 60s. san mateo matt 60 with your woke keen always in view, there is that rain cloud with a chance of a few thunderstorms. they will safely try to turn around the biggest container ship why north america. it was passing up the golden gate bridge, the long 14-foot container bridge traveled and bar pilots have been preparing for the past year and a half to savely guide that big shift. >> this is a big jump and size. it is a lot longer than the ships we are doing now. but the displacement is the biggest challenge.
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>> and the biggest challenge, bar pilots will a text. and children's games on the campaign trial clearing sketchers, it is an attack on one of the opponents. and a fetched memorial for the for oak land police officers. approaching the split, that looks good but we do have a problem in the east bay. stay tuned for more.
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. now this morning the president will announce a fast track from the keystone oil pipeline to refineries on the texas gulf coast. this follows criticism after the president delayed the full keystone pipeline project to the gulf coast earlier this year. republican presidential candidate picked up a key endorsement. jed bush promised he was
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throwing his endorsement behind the front-runner and he is trying be behind mitt romney. meanwhile they are talking about a top adviser and when the aid was asked if mitt romney had moved to far to the right in the primary, he said everything changes in the general election where you can change it up and start all over again. the comment shows how romney changes his positions on issues. sheriff ross mirkarimi was served papers accusing him of official misconduct. on monday he was sentenced to three years probation for the false imprisonment of his wife on new year's eve. meanwhile, she is a first woman
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to head the department. >> i have had the privilege of working with the sheriff for quite some years. i trust her, i know her, i know she will be a great leader for our sheriff's department. >> the city's ethics commission will investigate the complaint. the man involved with the scandal is due back in court today. stefan faces drug charges and that he attacked lockyer in a hotel. a sex tape of the two was given to her husband, straight treasurer bill lockyer. they are asking the chief of police to step down. they passed a no confidence vote handling the case of tray
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von martin. he was the african-american teen who was shot by a watch captain. he claims self-defense and has not been arrested or charged. the case has sparked outrage across the country. this is a scene last night in san francisco. as more than 100 protest the situation in florida. they say it is a visually motivated crime. martin was unarmed when walking back from his family's house and his father called for justice. >> the police department sees this and people are not going to let this happen anymore. >> now the attorney said martin called his girlfriend minutes before being shot and said he
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was being followed. this proves zimmerman targeted martin. they are opening a civil rights investigation into the situation. they are suing them for $10 million. tony jones was shot in the back by oakland police last month after trying to flee from officers. they claim the vehicle was seen at an armed robbery. they claim police used unreasonable force. they are trying to cover up the shooting. they areabout 300 people packed an -- about three hundred people paid tribute to the officers who were killed in the line of duty. they called it the city's own 911. >> when they ask me how do we working towards healing the
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department, this is a continuous process one we are still dealing with. >> had fellow officers wrote messages now along the westbound site of 880, the first police memorial faces eastbound traffic. and they had to pay a $2 million fine for over charging customers, again this is the second time they have cracked down on wal-mart. they found customers were charged more than indicated. wal-mart was ought dated to fix the problem but continued to over charge customers. time now 450, starbucks plans to show a new line of drinks next month.
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they show green drinks but there will be no coffee taste, they will be refreshers and each can will sell for about $2. head coach sean payton is suspended for about a year. greg williams is suspended indefinitely. greg is suspended for a half a game. saints players were rewarded with money for hits that knocked opposing players. they traded him in the next month's draft. now it is official, broncos decided to trade tebow after signing payton manning and he will be the backup behind mark sanchez. 4:51 it took 11 days to get
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under control. it is one of the largest fires in santa cruz county, it is a mysterious occurrence and nobody has an explanation.
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(overlapping voices) preteens and teens should get vaccinated against meningococcal meningitis, a rare but serious disease. health officials aren't the only voices recommending it. hear ours at . welcome back, it is now 45 4:00 a camp -- 4:54, a camp fire is being blamed for the lockheed fire, it burned almost 8,000 acres. cal fire said embers ignited that fire outside a remote cabin but there is not enough evidence to charge the owner of the property.
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unexplained noises, nobody knows what is going on. people are experiencing mysterious boom. they are getting strange sounds shaking them awake. >> three booms and one good shake. >> all night long we are hearing the rumblings and bombs going on. they are there to pinpoint the epicenter an opinion point the exact cause. what is going on, sal? we still have things going on westbound and they are trying to clean up an accident that happened more than an hour ago and what is happening is there was a lot of fuel spilled in this crash. they had to get it out of the
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way and make sure nobody was affected by it. there are two westbound lanes being blacked, one of them is like this, not affected so much and hopefully gone before the main part of the commute. let's look at 880 traffic that looks good in both directions. and that look good on 580 in both directions. we have quite a bit of overcast across the bay area and live storm tracker, you can run into a spotty drizzle just for this morning. current numbers are in the 50s and current count is 54
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degrees. even spotty light showers producing trace amounts sprinkles today and a very weak cold front moves across the bay area. skies are coming down 5 to 10 degrees and we have across better on shore breeze, you will notice that, take a look at the forecast, by 4:00 you can see san francisco winds are around 20 miles per hour. those readings in the 50s by 12:00, sun and clouds mixed to right around the early hours up to the 60s and we will have your weekend always in view, partly cloudy skies, we will talk about another system that
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is impacting your weekend forecast. a man accused of stalking young girls on their way home from school, also people are lining up if front of the oakland coliseum, the essential service they are hoping to get for free.
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